• Saturday, October 23, 2021

I Solidarity Day - Retinosis Retina Begisare Araba - 21st September 2019 -

On the 21st September 2019, CONDESA Grupo held its First Solidarity Day in collaboration with the Retinosis Retina Begisare Association in Alava.(http://www.begisare.org/creacion-de-retinosis-araba-begisare/)

The meeting was held in an unrivalled setting such as Landa beaches. The most sporties enjoyed a mountain bike route through Landa swamp. The rest of the attendees enjoyed the place taking a family walk. Attendees could also taste a mid-morning snack where the good flavour of the cider sausage, that the kitchen team that provides its services in Condesa Fabril made, was highlighted. A mountain bike raffle was also held for all participants in the organized activities and tickets sold for the zero row. Thanks to the collaboration of the participants, 1.300 euros were collected and will go entirely to the Retinosis Retina Begisare Association in Alava. Special mention to the lucky winner of the mountain bike who donated the bicycle to the Begisare Retina Association in Alava.

The members of the Retinosis Retina Begisare Association in Alava taught and informed us about the pathology they suffer and the difficulties they find in their daily work. They used computer media and low visibility cones so that all attendees had the opportunity to test themselves the symptoms suffered by patients with this disease classified as "STRANGE".

Next year the II Solidarity Day will be held in Pamplona, and Perfiles de Precisión will be in charge of organizing that day.

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