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CONDUCCIONES Y DERIVADOS S.A. (Spain), 1961 Condesa Fabril (Spain), 1974, 1974, 1978, 1999

Perfil en Frío (Spain) SRW, Schwarzwälder Röhrenwerk (Germany)
Zalain Transformados (Spain)
  • With presence in Europe and a team of around 660 people, Condesa Group was founded in Mondragón in 1954 by the Iribecampos family. Nowadays, it is made up of the following manufacturing plants:

  • Legutiano (Spain).

  • Zalain-Lesaka (Spain).

  • Berrioplano (Spain).

  • Altensteig (Germany).

  • From 1992 to 2004, Condesa Group and Arcelor (currently ArcelorMittal) were partners. In 2004 the former acquired the tubes division of the latter

  • In 2016 and after a financial restructuration process, Condesa Group changed completely its shareholding structure with the entrance of a bank pool composed of the ten most important banks in Spain (67% of the capital) plus ArcelorMittal (33% of the capital).

  • Condesa Group’s headquarters are located in Legutiano (Spain).

  • Condesa Group is currently one of the European leaders in the manufacturing of steel welded tubes and profiles with one of the widest production range of the market. As a result, Condesa is present in many diverse sectors/applications such as automotive, construction, energy, conveyance, furniture and sign posting

  • Condesa Group’s commitment to both innovation and interaction with customers and suppliers is crucial and clearly demonstrated by its vast range of products, materials and options available to meet the requirements and evolution of the markets.

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