• Sunday, August 18, 2019


2019 CIDECT Open Session

Hotel Zenit Barcelona, 20th August 2019 from 15h00 to 18h00

CONDESA, as CIDECT Member, is arranging this year the CIDECT Annual Meeting in Barcelona

CIDECT – International Committee for Study and Development of Tubular Construction – is an association of hollow section manufacturers all around the world that has been supporting the research and promotion of tubular construction for the last 70 years developing about 200 research projects focused on getting to know more and more about hollow sections behaviour in different realms such as static loading, fire, connections, fatigue loading, concrete-filled-tubes, etc. As a result, most of the current content of modern design standards all around the world is based on CIDECT findings and design rules proposals.

On top of that, a number of design guides and tools have been developed in order to bring all the knowledge got in the aforementioned research activities closer and closer to Designers worldwide being this part of the promotion activities CIDECT also develops.

CIDECT is composed of two main groups of people:
  • CIDECT Members – Representatives of Tube Manufacturers, i.e. industry/market side.
  • CIDECT Experts – Representatives of Universities and private Design Firms, i.e. academia/knowledge side.

CIDECT Community meets every year for 3-4 days during which CIDECT (and external) Research Projects are tracked, new projects are launched, on-going promotion activities are followed-up and new ones are defined, discussions on international design, execution and product standards are held…

All in all, quite a lot and very enrichment discussions on any topic related to tubular construction (in one or another extent) are taking place.

Recently, within these CIDECT Annual Meetings, a so-called Open Session is been also arranged, where anybody (outside CIDECT Community) is welcome to join, attend and discuss different subjects of relevance for the construction and tube industry.

The Open Session is conceived for Designers or Students and it is arranged in a way that some key-lectures will be given by CIDECT people followed by a round of Q&A where an open discussion can take place finalizing with a coffee-networking where sharing some additional time with CIDECT Community in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Please, find attached additional useful information about 2019 CIDECT Open Session.

More information about CIDECT can be found on www.cidect.org.



Sponsorship to ISC Formula Student

CONDESA sponsors the ISC Formula Student (Comillas Universidad Pontificia - Madrid) during the 2018-2019 season, facilitating its participation in the X Edition of the Formula Student Spain in Montmeló (20th-25th August 2019) and in the Formula Student Italy 2019.

The goal of the ISC team is to build an electric racing car, which chassis will be made up with the steel tubes donated by CONDESA.

ISC Formula Student 


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